BRZ / FRS | Reference Upgrade
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AVAILABLE NOW | Amplifier Re-Flash Required.

A new level of clarity.

The Reference Series upgrade for the BRZ/FRS is for all existing System 400+/450Q owners; Featuring 6-Speaker Reference tuning and the O+ Front 6.5" Carbon Fiber Cone Woofer. Providing a new level of balance and clarity to your 86 experience. 

Upgrade includes:

  • Front 6.5" CF Woofer 
  • Bypass Connecotr
  • Reference Tuning

The Reference Series by OEM Audio Plus converts your 86 into a 2-way speaker system resulting in improved imaging, dynamics and clarity. The recalibration of the System delivers balanced reproduction resulting in a noticeable improvement of sound quality. Take your 86 to the next level.

PLEASE NOTE: Upgrade requires the re-flashing of your O+ Amplifier. System 400+ power Amplifier need to be shipped to O+ facility for recalibration. O+ will cover all transit associated with this process. It is our top priority that your upgrade be delivered as promptly as possible.

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  • Item #: 36-1015

BRZ / FRS | Reference Upgrade

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